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Inspection And Maintenance Station : Infrastructure

Infrastructure : The IM-Station has 2 numbers of Fixed Inspection Lane and 2 numbers of Mobile Inspection Lane along with office building, all utilities and supporting facilities.


A) Fixed Inspection Lane:  The Automated fixed lane facility is comprised of one IMS workshop and associated office building . The workshop  has two automated fixed lanes, one is used for Light motor vehicle (LMV) and other is for Heavy commercial vehicle (HCV). Thus they are named as Light Duty Fixed Lane and Heavy Duty Fixed Lane. The station has vehicle data entry facility and  control room to monitor the activities of the IMS workshop. The computerized testing facility is helpful to avoid human error. The facility is capable of testing of two wheelers to multi-axel vehicles.


B) Mobile Inspection Lane: This is a unique feature of IM Station. In mobile Inspection Lane a complete inspection lane is equipped in one single unit.  The unit can be moved to any place with a truck and can be installed at the spot. The mobile unit is capable of testing wide range of vehicle and can perform gas analyzing / opacity test, headlight test, break test, speedometer test, noise test, suspension test, joint play test and pit visual test etc. After final testing computer generated test report cum fitness certificate is issued.