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Drivers Training Institute : Facilities

Facility of DTI:  Under Driving Training Institute various facilities were established for proper training and skill development of students. These facilities are described below:

1) Tracks: The Driving Training Institute has a plain track of 1.2 KM length at its Jaffirbond campus. The track includes sections with curves of different radius, braking area, slalom section, T section etc. NIAIMT has a Hill Driving Training track of 1.1Km at its Dholchera campus dedicated for specialized hill terrain driving training. The track has slopes of different gradients and the whole track is sized for easy HCV movements. Also, the tracks are equipped with all necessary road markings, road furniture, traffic light, boom barrier, crash barrier etc. 

2) Driving Simulators: The institute has Advance Driving Simulators for heavy motor vehicle and Light moving vehicle. This system includes HMV/HCV Driving simulator 2 stations and LMV simulator 1 station.  The system is supplemented by three panoramic screens and a virtual cockpit that simulates the real driving experience in safe conditions and trains students in all the functions of vehicles before actual riding on live environment.

3) Vehicles: DTI hosts different classes and variants of vehicles which are used to train the students. These vehicles include TATA Starbus- 40 Seater, TATA Indica passenger car, TATA Sumo, TATA 207, TATA -407, TATA Tipper, Multi Axel Truck, Tractor Trailer, Trailer. The availability of different kinds and loads of vehicles provide greater flexibility in training. Most of the vehicles are dual-controlled.

4)  Class room and other facilities: The class rooms are fully equipped with audio-visual equipments, air-conditioned and having e-learning lab for students.